Workplace Literacy

Employee Literacy is your business

Productivity, innovation, customer service and competition all mean your employees need the literacy and numeracy skills to lift your business and deal with new work practices and technologies.
Employees who enhance their literacy and numeracy skills impact on many factors in the workplace.

You may not know that a problem exists... Literacy Aotearoa can make a difference.

Read what employers, managers, team members say about some of our programmes.

Direct Benefits

Improved employee performance:

  • Improved reading skills mean employees can follow instructions and procedures, leading to a safer workplace with fewer errors or returned products.
  • Better speaking and listening skills mean improved communication, more useful feedback and better teamwork. 
  • Improved writing skills mean more accurate orders and more useful reporting. 
  • Improved numeracy skills mean accurate deliveries and better record keeping.

Further benefits:

  • More confidence, greater staff loyalty and improved retention.
  • Greater employee safety and health.
  • Better problem solving and fewer mistakes.
  • Gaining new skills to support innovation and improve productivity.


Literacy Aotearoa is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to develop and deliver tailored literacy, language and numeracy programmes throughout New Zealand. 

Take a look at some of the stories from workers who have taken part in other learning programmes here.

Tailored programmes

​We can develop programmes that are tailored to fit the real and actual needs of your workplace. 
Because these programmes are directly related to your employees’ daily activities, they are more relevant, effective, easily remembered and readily put to use.

Other Funding

We can also assist you in applying for funding through the TEC and we can help you develop your own internal capability so that you can support your employees once they have completed the programme. 

How we work with you

Literacy Aotearoa will work closely with you to develop and deliver quality programmes that will address your business priorities and meet your employees’ individual literacy, language and numeracy needs. 

We will:

  • meet with your key personnel for a site visit 
  • identify issues and conduct a needs analysis 
  • develop individual programmes for each employee
  • deliver tuition on-site or at our provider’s premises, one-to-one and in small groups, at times that best suit you and your employees. 





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