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LLN: the works (reading, writing, numbers, spelling, communicating) Work: Get ready for Work Driver Ed - Road Code / Driver Licences Financial: Budget / Banking / Save / Debt
Digital: Smartphones and Tablets Computer: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Healthy lifestyle  

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You'll get private, one-to-one or small group tutoring from trained staff using methods that work.

We will find out what you want to learn, and why. That puts you in charge of your own learning.
When learning is relevant to you, it's more interesting, which means you can achieve better results faster. And that will change your life.

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What courses are available?

Here is a sample of some of the courses available throughout the country.

Some programmes may be delivered intensively over one week, while others may be sessions of 2.5 hours per week. 

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► Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN)

You will learn

  • to read and spell a wider range of words
  • to monitor reading for increased accuracy
  • to read and understand a range of texts
  • to solve a wider range of math problems
  • to use strategies to estimate numbers
  • to understand simple fractions, decimals, percentages and conversions
  • skills and language in a range of formal and informal settings
  • a whole lot more...



► Work Readiness

You will learn

  • the art of setting goals 
  • effective ways to manage time
  • to search for useful templates and information 
  • to create a CV and a job seeker profile
  • strategies and skills to help get ‘Work Ready’
  • to interpret job advertisements
  • to be more confident in interviews  
  • basic employment rights and responsibilities
  • a whole lot more…

Find out more about Workplace Learning  



► Driver Education - Learner Licence & Road Code Theory 

You will learn

  • the requirements to pass your licence
  • skills to remember key information
  • methods to obtain your licence
  • strategies to be more confident with words, numbers and directions
  • how to complete the required application forms 
  • to be comfortable with the process for driver licence registration
  • a whole lot more...



► Financial Literacy and Life Skills

You will learn

  • to set, maintain and review a budget
  • budgeting and financial terms
  • needs and wants vs priority spending
  • to make informed choices for credit, debt and borrowing
  • the role of financial institutions and how to access products and services
  • debt management 
  • the implications of your financial decisions
  • a whole lot more…



► Digital Literacy 

You will learn

  • to power on/off a smartphone or tablet
  • a range of basic functions 
  • to view documents sent as attachments
  • to save and produce documents
  • to find, download and use a range of ‘Apps’, including your calculator
  • to access and use web based email services 
  • to access and use social media
  • a whole lot more…



► Computer Literacy 

You will learn

  • a basic understanding of computers
  • to feel more confident using a computer
  • to set up your own email address 
  • to use Microsoft Office products, including Word documents
  • to use the internet to find information effectively
  • to create a basic job seeker profile
  • a whole lot more....


► Healthy Lifestyles

You will learn

  • a range of risk factors in relation to family and personal health
  • how to plan for healthcare, nutrition, fitness and related matters
  • where to go to seek help with healthcare related issues
  • about budgeting for nutrition
  • to plan and prepare healthy meals
  • a whole lot more...





Kurt's Story

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