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Mentor programme for Learner Drivers

A community collaboration with Te Roroa Learning Assistance, RoadSafe, Rotary, Kaipara Health, KDC, Maungaturoto businesses and volunteer mentors. Read more...


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Withdrawing with booze and weed easier than surviving low literacy

A high school drop out at age 15, Auckland man Keith Quinn felt locked out of the world around him. He could read, just, ....

Tui Tuia, Issue 5, Pipiri (June) 2018 - Our newsletter

... featuring Literacy Aotearoa Dunedin ILN programmes; an ACE Award; and highlights an article focused on the impact of varying levels of literacy and numeracy skill (Dominion Post).

We are barely functioning, literally...

An article on adult literacy and numeracy in New Zealand - in the Education section of the Dominion Post (, including interviews with T