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Literacy Aotearoa, Upper Hutt (previously Read Write Plus)


I came to Read Write Plus to get help with my reading and writing, so I could help my kids with their school work. I've become a lot more confident writing and my reading's getting better. My maths is coming along too. I have a great tutor that helps me reach my goals and pushes me when I need it.

I knew I needed help and it was hard to take the first step, but I'm really glad I did. They are a great bunch of people and have made my day to day tasks a lot easier.

Don't be afraid to come in. 

Katrina (36yrs)

My Journey Begins

Before I came to Read Write Plus I was a lost soul. I was always afraid of pen and paper, I would sit there trying to look intelligent but I had no confidence in even trying to read and write.

Through my lack of education, I thought people were mocking me and putting me down. It made me feel depressed and worthless. Here I am a man in my early 50's, I never thought I could learn to read and write.

Since I have been coming to Read Write Plus it has changed my outlook in handling a pen and paper and picking up a book. I have started learning how to pronounce words and use them properly, where before it would make me angry and resentful. It has changed my thoughts about life and myself and changed my behaviour.

I have learnt to read simple books and it is broadening my mind, it is much more than just reading and writing.

I enjoy walking in the Read Write Plus door because of the beautiful atmosphere. The staff are awesome and there is a positive vibe, coming here has made me feel that I am intelligent.

I am now more in control of my whole life. I am working towards putting words into the right context and have more confidence in doing that without doubting myself. I have more confidence in reading and writing.

One day I want to be a person sitting at a desk sharing my knowledge with others and I feel with Read Write Plus it can be possible.


Literacy Aotearoa, Pukekohe (previously Adult Literacy Franklin)

Our naughty boys

Last year we moved to a lifestyle block, so we needed some animals on the land, our neighbour helped us to get two black and white beef cows, they got two dark brown cows for themselves, we agreed to graze them all together.
When they arrived, they were so cute but shy, they run around like big puppies.
Day by day as they got bigger we found out our cows are the naughty ones. The brown cows would always stay in the paddock we put them in, our cows would always find a way to escape to the greener grass on the other side of the fence.
One day I realised they are not shy anymore because they would come up to me and surround me making me the scared one.
It's ok though, we will eat them soon.



How I use a cellphone

I have had a cellphone for over 10 years. At first, I used my phone for contact phone numbers. I had photos next to the numbers to help me ring the right people. But now I use my phone for everything.
My cellphone holds details about my life, like addresses, phone numbers, and diary. It has become my wallet. It holds my drivers license, credit cards, a photo of my son, and work business cards. I use my cellphone as a camera for making photos at work for my training course and as a calculator for measurements at work or figuring out the cost of things.
Also, I use the GPS map to find out how to get to an address or how to go another way in bad Auckland traffic. At night, I can use my cellphone as a torch.
So I use my cellphone a lot every day. It carries a heap of useful things all in one item.


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Kia ora te whaanau

​My name is Christine. I am married and a mother of five children, four moko's and another one on the way.
I work with children at Te Hononga Puna Reo, where there are 38 to 45 tamariki. I have worked there for fifteen years and I really enjoy working with my tamariki and peers. My hours are from 8.30 am – 2.30 pm, so, that's good for me so I can have time to attend my literacy classes where I learn to read, write and maths. I also did Papa Whairawa 1,2,3 then I did Papa Ako 1,2,3 was last start and first to finish. I love to learn and I get to meet new people. I am not much of a writer but I am trying and I think I am doing okay for what I have achieved. I also get to meet new Tutors at ALF.
During the weekend we go and watch our grandson’s game of Python Rugby League team under 6 and then on to watch our daughter play netball every Saturday.
Kia ora, that's all for now.


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Life changes

In 2000 I came to New Zealand. I found it hard to speak English and read English. I’m, living in Tuakau with my husband and sometimes it has not been easy for me. But I am getting better.
At first the food is quite hard for me. I eat Thai food all the time and now I have to learn to cook and eat European food, with my husband.
Sometimes we go on holiday to the South Island in winter time. I have never seen snow before in my life. I enjoyed playing with snow. We had a great time. Now, I have to grow vegetables and herbs in my garden in the winter time.
Before I came to New Zealand I was an Employee, now I am a Manager in my own business. I am an Employer, because of life experience and meeting more people. I have new ideas about many things, learning new things, big changes for me. Before, I can’t read or write; now I can read newspapers by myself and have a better life in New Zealand.


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Literacy Aotearoa Student Writing Event 

A Student Writing Event is held every two years as part of the Literacy Aotearoa National Planning Hui. 

Literacy Aotearoa students from around the country come together for three days to meet other students and to write poems and stories (with tutor support).

Once completed, the writing is collated in a Student Writing Booklet which is published for the authors themselves and for use as a resource for Ngā Poupou (member groups of Literacy Aotearoa).

The theme for the 2016 Te Hui ā Tau (AGM), National Planning Hui and the Student Writing Event was: Te Rito - Focusing on What Matters. 

► View Te Rito - Focusing on What Matters  (2016 NPH Student Writing Event Booklet).

Click on the cover to view.

The theme for the 2014 Te Hui ā Tau (AGM), National Planning Hui and the Student Writing Event was: Mahi Tahi - Partnership and Collaboration.

► View Mahi Tahi - Partnership & Collaboration  (2014 NPH Student Writing Event Booklet).

Click on the cover to view.


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