Covid-19 support

Literacy Aotearoa welcomes all learners to come and learn with us! Our face-to-face and online programmes are now available to learners across the motu.
Please remember, if you are not feeling well, stay home and seek medical advice. A health professional will tell you whether you fit the criteria for testing. Call Healthline for free on 0800 358 5453.

Face-to-Face Learning

To ensure we protect our vulnerable learners, their communities and our own personnel, Literacy Aotearoa Sites are fully vaccinated spaces. This means that everyone must now present their My Vaccine Pass upon arrival to access our face-to-face classes.

Learners without a Vaccine Pass will not be disadvantaged. If a learner is unable to present a My Vaccine Pass, we will provide learners with the opportunity and a device to learn online.

If a learner needs assistance to attain a My Vaccine Pass, we can also help. Just let us know.



Online Learning

We understand that some people may not be comfortable attending in-person classes, so all learners will have the option to learn online if they prefer.

For learners who are unable to, or do not wish to, take part in face-to-face learning, online learning opportunities are available; this includes the provision of technology. 

For more information on the services we can provide, whether face-to-face or online, contact us on 0800 678 910.


Tutor Qualifications (NZCATT and NZCALNE)

Literacy Aotearoa provide programmes to help individuals achieve a tutor qualification.

Our two trainee tutor programmes are taught online. Each of these programmes include a practicum component, which can be completed both online and face-to-face. 

As our Sites are fully vaccinated spaces, to complete a practicum face-to-face, trainee tutors must provide Literacy Aotearoa with proof of their My Vaccine Pass.



Want to know more about the COVID-19 vaccine?

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