Synergy between service provider and Tupu Aotearoa

Ministry for Pacific Peoples, 12 Jul 2021

Tupu Aotearoa will be delivered in Northland, through service providers Literacy Aotearoa, SENZ and Solomon Group.

Te Tumuaki (CEO), Bronwyn Yates says there is a synergy in the objectives of Literacy Aotearoa Charitable Trust and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples initiative Tupu Aotearoa.  

“Our intent is to work together in collaboration for the wellbeing of aiga, magafaoa, whānau and communities. 

“There is an alignment in our vision and mission for resilient and vibrant Māori and Pasifika who are supported to reach their aspirations,” Bronwyn says. 

Originally established in 1982, Literacy Aotearoa is a national not-for-profit organisation of adult literacy providers and a leading commentator on literacy issues in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

With nearly 40 years’ experience, Literacy Aotearoa has provided adult literacy and numeracy provision in a wide range of contexts to carry out its mission, Bronwyn adds. 

"Literacy Aotearoa is established to develop, promote and deliver accessible, quality literacy services designed to ensure the peoples of Aotearoa are critically literate and able to realise their full social, cultural and economic potential." 

The organisation has recently joined the stable of Tupu Aotearoa service providers around New Zealand, who deliver the programme designed to boost employment of Pacific peoples by providing them access to tools, training and qualifications. 

Tupu Aotearoa supports Pacific people aged 15 years and up, to lead fulfilling and prosperous lives, provides a vehicle for targeted employment and education pathways in collaboration with other parties. 

Last week in Whangarei, an event was staged to launch Tupu Aotearoa in Northland, and announce the service providers who will be delivering the programme in the area, including Literacy Aotearoa, along with SENZ and Solomon Group, two organisations who are already involved in Tupu Aotearoa in other regional and metropolitan areas in New Zealand. 

Bronwyn says she believes the Tupu Aotearoa objectives are the right fit with the Kaupapa of Literacy Aotearoa.  

“We are excited at the opportunity to strengthen the relationship and reach into Pasifika aiga, magafaoa and whānau in the Northland region.” 

Literacy Aotearoa is committed to building relationships and working closely with all stakeholders including employers, Pasifika families and communities in Te Tai Tokerau (Northland) region, Bronwyn adds. 

“We believe ­­there are strong common bonds through our values and cultural heritage that will enable us to provide a quality, safe, caring and ambitious environment for Pasifika who come to us for help to succeed. 

“Also, we believe successful learning is in part based on motivational drivers such as language, culture and values, and we are appreciative of the values which drive and are fundamental to Pasifika and have long used Pasifika approaches and models of engagement, for example, talanoa, tivaevae, fono fale in the design of our programmes, pastoral support and communication with Pasifika learners and communities.” 

Literacy Aotearoa has a vision to continue to build on what we have learnt over the last year and grow the visibility of Literacy Aotearoa services in Northland as part of the tivaevae tapestry of options that supports flourishing Pasifika communities, Bronwyn adds. 

Northland Tupu Aotearoa Manager, May Seager says the service providers are welcome additions to assist with the programme delivery in the area. 

“Tupu Aotearoa continues to be extended across the country to ensure we achieve our goals of resilient, healthy and prosperous Pacific communities throughout New Zealand,” May says. 

“I am looking forward to working alongside these organisations, who already deliver wonderful services to the communities they are involved with.”  

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