Road code theory classes take dyslexic learner to wider horizons

Kylie, Taranaki Adult Literacy Services with Forklift Certificate
Keri Elvin, Taranaki Adult Literacy Services, 11/05/18

Kylie Jury may struggle to read but she knows how to follow her dreams.

Jury learnt the road code more than 22 years ago when she got her learner's licence. The road code posed more problems than many others faced because Jury has dyslexia. But facing challenges is something she does very well.

Driving is a passion and she didn't want to stop at a car when there were trucks she could master. She also likes pushing herself to do things other females don't usually do.

When Jury found out about the Road Code theory class run by Taranaki Adult Literacy Services she thought it would be a good way to help her study for other licences.

With no practical experience of truck driving she studied for her Class 2 Learner's Truck Licence. She needed help with reading the questions and said having a tutor on hand to help her understand the questions was a godsend. Six months later she sat the test when she knew she was truly ready for it.

She knew she was ready for the test when she felt good about the questions.

"I felt they were burnt into my brain."

She said the key point she learned from that first course was to read the question more than once. "You have to ensure that you understand because many questions are the same."

Ideally she would like to drive long haul and her short-term goals are to drive trucks to get used to their lengths and widths, get her Class 4 truck full licence and then get a job.

She was also motivated to get her forklift licence because she believes that you are worth more to a company if you can lift loads off trucks and are not reliant on another person. Next on her list are her Class 4 full and her security licence.

She sees all these licences as the doors to opportunities.

"When you have been told you're dumb all your life and that you're never going anywhere, these are qualifications for jobs that will lead to more opportunities."

Her licences are proud achievements. She likes to try something different and if it doesn't work then she has backups to fall on. She also feels it's important to challenge herself.