Coursework Expectations - NCALNE (Voc)

  1. NCALNE (Voc), a 40 credit qualification, recognises expertise in adult education and training, and thereby contributes to the improvement of the foundation skills (literacy and numeracy) of adult learners in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is a professional qualification for adult literacy and numerator educator competence in Aotearoa New Zealand. This qualification assumes a professional level of expertise in adult education and training, including cultural perspectives that underpin candidates’ teaching for Māori learners and learners from other cultures.

    People awarded the National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace):

  • understand historical and theoretical issues underpinning adult literacy and numeracy education in Aotearoa New Zealand;
  • are knowledgeable about Māori adult literacy;
  • are able to identify a person's literacy and/or numeracy strengths and needs and assess their progress, and identify the literacy and numeracy demands of their programme;
  • are able to embed literacy and numeracy skills development into their programme and use appropriate teaching strategies;
  • are able to evaluate effectiveness of strategies and activities and any literacy support in the training or education programme; and
  • have demonstrated competence in other areas relevant to their programme.
  1. Literacy Aotearoa honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi by operating in accordance with Tino Rangatiratanga and guided by Manaaki Tangata. Services are provided in a way that enables learners to fulfil their potential, by building on their knowledge and experiences to enhance their confidence and capabilities.
  2. The NCALNE (Voc) is to be completed within 12 months. It is generally accepted that for one Unit Standard credit you should allow for 10 hours of learning. This would mean a 40 credit qualification should take (on average) 400 hours total.
  3. The trainee tutor indicative workload for NCALNE (Voc):
    1. Self-directed learning – the reading needed to prepare for assessment and practicum tasks is 3-4 hours per week, perhaps 5-6 hours depending on the trainee tutor's experience;
    2. Assessment tasks – 20-30 hours in total;
    3. Practicum Options:

i. Literacy and numeracy delivery (range; reading, writing, speaking, listening, number, statistics, measurement) to 2 individual learners enrolled in one to one tuition for a total of 20 hours each; it is estimated a total of 40 hours preparation and assessment are also involved OR

ii. Literacy and numeracy delivery (range; reading, writing, speaking, listening, number, statistics, measurement) to 2 learners in a group for a total of 20 hours; it is estimated a total of 20 hours preparation and assessment are also involved.

  1. Some time is needed to meet with the supervisor for reflections, observations, etc. and also to fill in the attestation; and
  2. The final assessment turnaround is approx. 4 weeks.

         Note:   Every trainee tutor will be different, so the times above are not absolute.

  1. You will ensure that you can access adult literacy learners in order to complete the practicum within the timeframes noted above. If this is not possible, you may enrol through one of our Poupou (Member Providers) near you. Click here for a list of locations.
  2. The Literacy Aotearoa trainee tutor complaint process is available here and is based around respect for competing views, independent consideration of the facts and a focus on resolution.
  3. Literacy Aotearoa operates within a self-assessment framework, in which material feedback from trainees and other stakeholders is encouraged and is used to improve the quality of our teaching and assessment practice over time. What this means is that you will be asked to fill in questionnaire/s about what we can do better during your study.
  4. Internal Scholarship: If you wish to apply for an Internal Scholarship to meet the qualification costs you must meet the following criteria:
  • Attend a minimum of 80% of the facilitated delivery (workshops); and
  • Commit to completing all of the qualification requirements within 12 months of the first day of delivery.
  1. Non-refundable Admin Fee: You will be required to pay a non-refundable admin fee of $80.00 seven working days prior to the beginning of training delivery.


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